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Situated in the crystal clear, warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is yours to explore and experience.

Experience an
Island Paradise

Just a short flight from Johannesburg, Mauritius is one of Africa’s tourism jewels offering an abundance of scenic beauty, hidden treasures and adventure. Feel the warm sun on your skin as you swim, dive and sail in the crystal clear azure ocean. Exquisite white sand beaches invite to relax for hours on end. Trek, run and cycle through lush terrain and find breathtaking views at the end of every road. With its wealth of luxury, beauty and culture, and variety of adventure experiences, Mauritius has something for everyone.


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With 330 kilometres of coastline, it comes as no surprise that Mauritius is known as Beach Island. Are you ready to stick your toes in the sand and relax?


Mauritius caters fresh, exciting dishes for everyone from adventurous foodies to experienced gourmands. Our dishes are as diverse as our heritage.


Our cultural history is a detailed tapestry woven with the threads of many cultures including Creoles, Hindus, Tamils, Marathi, Muslims, Chinese and more.


Mauritius is sure to test your bravery. Over 100 wrecks dot the coastline while back on dry land, lush terrain offers kilometres of trails for hiking and cycling.


Steeped in the scent of frangipani and essential oils, you’ll find havens of tranquility that combine world-class spa treatments with ancient relaxation rituals.


Take a piece of Mauritius home with you. Wherever you are on our island, you’re sure to find interesting local crafts and merchandise of the highest quality.

Otherwordly Beauty

Mauritius is a place of otherworldly natural beauty saturated with a colourful history. Every day brings a fresh opportunity to capture a new angle of this kaleidoscopic country for yourself. Chamarel seven coloured earth is a natural artwork or spend a day with a guide capturing candid scenes of local life.

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