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Relax in Mauritius

Relax in Mauritius

World-class spa treatments fuse with ancient relaxation rituals.

Hotel Spas

Many of the hotels boast fantastic spa facilities, bringing their clients the benefits of quality treatments in settings where every detail of the decor and the selection of treatments have been thoughtfully designed and meticulously elaborated to deliver sheer well-being and ultimate serenity. Under the expert hands of professional therapists, classic, customised and signature treatments and massages, answer clients' needs to refresh the body and mind.

Private Spas

The reputation of Mauritius rests upon its idyllic natural beauty as well as the excellent service delivered by its hotels. Today, this includes a quality offer and extensive choice of spa services. Private institutes reflect the country's cultural diversity through the eclectic array of treatments they offer to restore personal harmony and wellbeing. Some propose holistic approaches, integrating the physical, mental and spiritual levels for a comprehensive rebalancing and re-energising. Others find their inspiration in the ancestral philosophies and techniques which came through the oriental roots of the island and propose ayurvedic therapies, meditation, relaxation and yoga sessions as well as shiatsu and traditional balinese massages, including beauty treats using plant-based products. Many institutes comprise private saunas, hammams and tepidariums as well as twin cabins to accommodate couples. Most spas propose a comprehensive range of beauty and body treats such as facials, manicure and pedicure, application of permanent nail varnish, waxing, scrubs, wraps...