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Adventure In Mauritius

Adventure In Mauritius

Getting away, leaving it all behind, embracing new horizons.


Sea Activities


Take an exhilarating ride at splashing speed and cast anchor at any of the islets studding the lagoon, close to Mauritius. In the north, Gabriel island, Flat island and the unmistakably-shaped Gunner's Coin are well worth a sea outing. On the south-eastern coast, Blue Bay's marine park is one of the best places to see the beautiful marine life. Go snorkelling or take a glass bottom boat tour of the most breath-taking beaches to be seen. For an uplifting morning swim with the dolphins or viewing a spectacular sunset out at sea, the west coast is the way to go.


Air Activities


Flying close to the sea provides a unique view over the coral reef. The seaplane is another exhilarating way to enjoy wonderful aerial views of the breath-taking nuances of blues and the textured greens that compose the panorama of the south-western coast, embracing its wild beauty at a glance.

Land Activities

From the million annual visitors Mauritius currently records, 60,000 of these are golfers. The island offers professionals, passionate amateurs and beginners no less than ten 18-hole courses and three 9-hole courses in perfect conditions for the game. Set in spectacular sites and wonderful natural environments, designed for championships by renowned golfers such as Peter Matkovich, Peter Allis, Rodney Wright, many of these courses count among the most beautiful worldwide and are sought out for the original challenges and unique experiences they provide. The 2015 and 2016 AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open seasons marked a major milestone for Mauritius as a professional golf destination. In 2016, Mauritius was awarded the prized title of Golf Destination of the Year for the Africa Indian Ocean and Gulf countries region by IAGTO, the Global Golf Tourism Organisation.